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Nursing Faculty tour CAE Healthcare in Sarasota, Florida

In May, a few nursing faculty members toured CAE Healthcare in Sarasota, Florida. CAE Healthcare delivers educational tools that help healthcare professionals provide safe and high quality patient care. Ms. Rhonda Anderson, Mrs. Anne Morris, Mrs. Theresa Castillo, Mrs. Deb Esenwein and Mrs. Lisa Crumbley spent the day touring the factory and simulation lab. They were introduced to the most up to date simulators and equipment.

Hector in the process of being built
Infant Simulator

Be the Match

The SNA sponsered the “Be the Match” presentation on March 25 with two presenters; Liz Schramm and Marc Silver.  Liz Schramm is an ADN and BSN graduate of SPC College of Nursing.  She presented an excellent program about her personal journey of being diagnosed with leukemia and receiving stem cells from a perfect match found in Germany.. She just celebrated her 1 year remission. Marc Silver is the CEO of Marrow Nation. “Be the Match” is under  “Marrow Nation”. Students in attendance volunteered to become members and possible donors of the “Marrow Nation” registry. 

Liz Schramm

A Nursing Student Lends a Hand in Our Community

Recently, Dr. Louis, the Dean of Nursing at St. Petersburg College received an email regarding a nursing student lending a hand in the community.

  Dear Ms. Louis,

I just received a call from an 89 year old gentleman who had been waiting outside the courthouse with his walker by himself, when a young dark haired woman approached him and asked him if he needed a ride. She helped him into her car, and drove him over to Bay Pines VA hospital, and then made sure he got inside safely. He only knows her first name, Kathrine, goes by Kat, and that she is a nursing student here at SPC. He took the time to search out someone at the college he could praise her to, and he got me. So I’m passing that along. He spent 52 years as medical staff, and shared some stories of his experiences, and was very impressed with the level of student we are preparing for a career in Nursing. So that’s that. Some days it’s great to be the one to answer the phone and get misdirected calls that enrich my day.   

Jessica Sager Accounting Support Technician Business Office St. Petersburg College, St. Pete Gibbs Campus 727-341-4330                                                          

  Kudos to Katherine Wright, Level 1 nursing student!

Nursing Student = Graduated Nurse

Makenzie Silcox is a graduate of the SPC nursing class of December 2018. Makenzie successfully completed all four levels of the nursing program and went on to successfully pass her NCLEX exam on the first try. Makenzie was hired by BayCare’s St. Joseph Children’s hospital in Tampa as a new graduated nurse. She will be starting the Pediatric Internship in the next two weeks. Way to go Makenzie! 

SPC Nursing Students to the Rescue

Level 3 Nursing students; Pa Ly, Emily Dwyer, Stephen Welch, and Aryan Szczarowski (not pictured) combing through 20 bags of soiled laundry searching for a client’s eye glasses after they were inadvertently placed in the linen bag after staff had changed the linens. The nurse manager, client and family recognized the nursing students by awarding them a certificate of appreciation and a monetary certificate to be used in the cafeteria of the hospital. Way to go SPC nursing students!!!

Kicking off Healthy Heart Month with SNA

This year the St. Petersburg College Student Nurses Association (SNA) decided to kick off it’s Healthy Heart month by hosting a badge making event, held here at the St. Petersburg College Health Education Center. The event took place on February 5th and February 6th and was a great success! The Health Education Center students were able take a serious mental break from the books and get in touch with their creative side for a change. All students from the different disciplines were welcome to participate in designing their own personalized ID badge holder. A current nursing student described the event as “refreshing” and also stated, “this was a fun way to take a break away from all the stress of studying and allow us to have a moment to do something different”. By hosting this event the SNA was able to raise over $100 in donations, which was very much appreciated. These donations will go towards future activities hosted by the SNA, which includes the Pinning Ceremony which is just a few short months away on May 9th. The St. Petersburg College SNA is extremely thankful for all off the nursing students that took time out from their already busy schedules to volunteer and help make this event super special. The Association is also appreciative of students from other programs that joined forces to help support the cause. The SNA is on a roll and is definitely looking forward to hosting more badge making events in the near future. With March just around the corner the SNA can’t wait to step things up a bit to host the annual Be the Match event, which will allow both students and faculty to register to a national database that matches stem cell donors to recipients. All participating students will have a chance to win a prize, so come on out and have some fun! As we push through 2019, be sure to stay tuned in for more details on upcoming SNA events.

Nursing Students Participated in the Great American Teach In

On November 14th and 15th St. Petersburg College Level 3 Nursing Students participated in the “Great American Teach In” in both Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

This was a chance for the nursing students to visit the Public School Systems in the Tampa bay area to share their love of nursing with the future leaders of America.

The nursing students prepared approximately 20minute interactive presentations for as many as 25 students per class. The students ranged in age of 5 up to 17 years of age.

As you can see by these pictures everyone had an amazing time!