Science Literacy Supported Reading Fair

Science Reading Fair @SPC promoting literacy
Science Literacy Reading Fair @SPC
Dr. Delgato, COE Science programs
Dr. Meg Delgato, COE Science professor

College of Education students currently enrolled in Dr. Meg Delgato’s Science Concepts in the Elementary Classroom (SCE 4113), hosted a reading fair supporting science literacy.  The event was held on  March 27, at the Clearwater Campus. The fair featured a selection of children’s books with themes related to various aspects of science. The reading fair provided an opportunity for COE students to share their favorite science book through a storyboard display.

Service Project

The event was part of a service project to support science education. Students created display boards.  The board was to depict their interpretation of the science theme of the selected book.  The project emphasized science vocabulary.  Text-to-world reading strategies were encouraged.  Text-to-world reading strategies play a key role in helping teachers use children’s literature to connect meaning to science content.  Purposeful reading helps students to better comprehend the ideas in the text.  Students extensively researched their subject to support each project board.   The students investigated scholarly articles with evidenced-based practices related to literacy.

Children, spouses, parents and faculty attended.  Each guest had the opportunity to leave with a coloring sheet, puzzle or other take-home item.  Take-aways are intended as a memory tool to emphasize at least one science vocabulary word.  The participants had the chance to learn many new science terms with 24 display boards and have a little fun at the same time! Science teaches kids about the world around them. Science can spark in kids’ minds that they, too, can help solve the world’s big problems.  We hope to make this event a regular “booking” for our COE students!

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