Scholarships Make a Difference

The Juvenile Welfare Board provides scholarships to students in the Early Childhood AS degree program and to B.S. Ed Studies Preschool degree students who work in a licensed professional Early Childhood setting in Pinellas County.  The upcoming scholarship due date is JUNE 21st.

The Impact of a Scholarship

  • Scholarships help to lessen the impact of rising tuition costs.
  • Scholarships help students have more time to focus on their studies.
  • Scholarships can decrease the number and amount of loans students need to take to complete higher education.

Some of the Recipients Share Their Thoughts

Courtney Ballestero says “The Juvenile Welfare board is a tremendous force for good in the community. That is why it has been an honor to receive this scholarship and use it to further my reach in my sphere of influence and pursue my passion in Early Childhood Education. My intent to is to use my training to assist at-risk children and underserved populations in Pinellas County through early education interventions and developmentally appropriate childhood centers that spark the creativity of the young mind. Thank you for sponsoring my vision! Thank you for partnering with me for the future of tomorrow!

Juvenile Welfare Board Scholarship Recipient
Juvenile Welfare Board Scholarship Recipient – Thank you for sponsoring my vision!
Juvenile Welfare Board Scholarship Recipient - I am grateful

Latori Harris wanted to let the Juvenile Welfare Board know how it helped her. “I am a single mother of three children, I have a set of twins who are 11 years old along with a two year old. I always encourage my children daily that no matter what obstacles may come your way I am grateful to have been awarded the Juvenile Welfare Board Scholarship for the Spring Term 2019. This scholarship will allow me to get the supplements I need to become a better student along with becoming an effective teacher. My future goals are to become a childcare provider for children with disabilities that’s been my lifelong passion. I enjoy seeing students learn, grow and push past their disabilities, to always put your best foot forward to do whatever you have set in your heart to do. 

My own squad to cheer me on-

I am starting my seventh year working full-time as a teacher for twelve adorable (and very energetic) two-year-olds. I’ve been so busy with my online math class this semester (my early childhood education class just started this week), that I hadn’t realized I had received the scholarship until a couple of weeks ago when I called the bookstore. What a wonderful surprise when I found out I had a $1,000 scholarship waiting for me from the Juvenile Welfare Board!  The Juvenile Welfare Board feels like having my own little cheering team.  A team that supports and encourages me towards my goal of obtaining my degree in early childhood education.  With the money from this scholarship, I have been able to purchase items which will help me with my online courses.  Thank you so very much for selecting me as a recipient! 

JWB Scholarship was my own cheerleading squad
JWB Scholarship was my own cheerleading squad


Debbie Orifici

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