Elite Educator program includes paid internship, job placement

St. Petersburg College is partnering with Pinellas County Schools to cultivate the best environment for teachers with the Elite Educators Program. Watch this video featuring Dr. Michael Grego, Pinellas County Superintendent of Schools.

Elite Educator program overview

044The vision for the Elite Educator program is for Pinellas County to have the best teachers in the country. The program revolutionizes the way K-6 teachers learn to teach,  and includes an endorsement in ESOL (English to Speaks of Other Languages) and Reading. In addition:

  • Students will benefit from extensive field placements from the beginning of the program
  • General education classes that focus on mastery of subject content
  • Students will take education classes from day one, compared to most programs who don’t start them until the third and fourth years.

The Elite Educator program also guarantees students who completes the program within four years a paid internship and a job with Pinellas County Schools upon completing the internship.

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