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African American History Month banner for Education

Tarpon Springs Campus students created a display of heroes who are not often listed during the celebration of African American History Month. The display will be in the Library/Learning Center in the campus’ FA building through the end of February.

This blog post was written by Emily Adkins, one of the students who helped create the Tarpon Springs Campus display of African American History Month heroes. Ethan Hart, Associate Director of Learning Resources at the Tarpon Springs Campus, worked with students to develop this project. 

Alexander Crummell, Edward A. Bouchet and Ramona Edelin are among African American History Month heroes whose work has impacted the education.

Alexander Crummell
Portrait of Alexander Crummel for African American History Month
Alexander Crummel


Alexander Crummell was a pioneering African American minister, academic and African nationalist. He founded St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, in Washington D.C.

Edward Bouchet
Portrait of Edward Bouchet for African American History Month
Edward Bouchet


In 1876, Edward Bouchet became the first African American to earn a doctorate degree in Physics and one of only six people to receive a Ph.D. in Physics from an American university.

Ramona Edelin
Portrait of Ramona Edelin for African American History Month
Ramona Edelin

Ramona Edelin was the founder of the Department of African American Studies at Northeastern University and has been recognized by Ebony magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential Black Americans.




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