Poetry – Two Pieces – Student Work

The Writer

Deep concentration pulls words from thin air,

arm connecting thoughts with actions,

forming something once not there

gripping firmly the object of translation.

Ink seeps into a pure sheet of white

as poisonous onyx blots out innocence.

Insidious darkness snuffs out light,

dutifully creating swirls of lace.


Fluid motion, sharpest knife,

flames of heat, frigid ice.

Eremitic dignity. hard as stone,

wild dogs growl over bones.

Vipers lash those nearby,

glass shatters, shards fly.

Remorse lingers, cloying scent,

price of wisdom gained and pride bent.

Hannah Foster is a full-time student at St. Petersburg Honors College and a member of Phi Theta Kappa.  She has been involved in many different extracurricular activities, including gymnastics (11 years), dance (8 years), piano (10 years), modeling and acting (11 years), art (painting, sketching, photography and other mediums), and other activities.  Some of her past-times include reading British royal history, writing, and cooking.  Hannah has designed her own creative line of jewelry, including her signature Origami Earrings. A portion of her sales is given to help build wells in Asia.

Originally published in Ember Skies, a site supporting the arts at SPC.

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