Poetry – Waking Up – Student Work

At times, time swallows itself,

and the second-hand sweeps unnoticed

as the door hinge of this jewel-box

of a world hushes open. It is then

my water glass fills with diamonds.

I thirst, and into me they pour.

My face and neck glisten.

Carats spill everywhere.

Through lids closed my eyes shine.

The glass never empties.

William Boden graduated from SPC in 1985 (SPJC), went on the get his B.A. from Eckerd College, and is currently an M.F.A. candidate at Queens University in Charlotte, N.C. He has won numerous awards for his visual art in our Bay Area, and is involved with three writer’s groups. William regularly audits SPC courses, and Balboa Press will bring out his newest book The Quiet Fields by the end of 2012.

Originally published in Ember Skies, a site supporting the arts at SPC.

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