Poetry – 3 AM – Student Work

Empty streets
Sleeping traffic lights pulse yellow
Two parked police cruisers
Vomit red and blue incandescence
upon the convenient store’s walls and windows
A discarded hammer lying in shattered glass
Jagged shard showcasing a chunk of misplaced flesh.

Security system shrieks electronic distress
Echoing out into the vacant night
Ricocheting down acoustic neighborhood streets
Darkened office building absorbs muffled wavelengths
Where a teen with glassy bloodshot eyes
Haphazardly examines a deep fleshy wound
Mortality revealed beneath a smooth epidermal façade.

Combat boots anchor feet to tilting asphalt
Keeping a twelve pack of Miller High Life
from toppling over
Head balanced between knees
Consciousness seduced by whispers of release
Wound twitching muscle spasms
of a scar slowly forming.

A police cruiser approaches
Spotlight searching driveways and front yards
Then sweeping across to the parking lots
Cutting strips of detail into the formless void
Towing reality in its wake.

Randy Goggin is a student at St. Petersburg College, currently working towards entry into the B.S.-Biology program, with the intention of pursuing a career as a wildlife biologist. His writing focuses mostly on prose, with a particular interest in science fiction and fantasy, but he also enjoys writing contemporary fiction centering on the internal struggles of humanity in dealing with the co-existence of darkness and light within the human heart.

Originally published in Ember Skies, a site supporting the arts at SPC.

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