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Posted by on May 24, 2017 in College 101 | 1 comment

Fast track your way to becoming an enrolled college student

Fast track your way to becoming an enrolled college student

Write this down: it’s time to learn how to get enrolled in college. Getting yourself into college may seem like a daunting task, but we are here to make it easy.

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Step one: Apply and pay application fee

Applying for colleges probably seems like a redundant task. Pro tip: most applications allow you to save and continue later. So you can take the time to fill out all the general information, and if there is anything else that is required, like an essay, you can submit that later.

Once you have completed your application it is important for you to pay the application fee as soon as possible that way your application will be considered. The longer you wait to pay the closer you get to losing your spot.


Step two: Submit transcripts

All colleges will request students to submit their high school or equivalent transcripts, which prove to the college that you are eligible to enroll.

If you are in high school, it is important to beat the transcript request rush. So get ahead and put in that transcript request to your student counselor sooner, rather than later.


Step three: Take the college placement test, if needed

All college students are required to take a college placement test to determine which classes are appropriate for their personal level. This test is often exempted if the student has taken the ACT or the SAT and submits their scores.


Step four: See or speak with an advisor and register for orientation

Once you have taken care of all the paperwork, it’s time to get to the fun stuff. Students should meet with an advisor to speak about executing their academic goals and plans.

Along with that, students will be required to register for orientation. Orientation will provide new students all the information necessary to ensure a smooth ride during their new journey. During orientation, the college will typically cover things like where to buy books, how to enroll in classes, what types of resources are offered to students, where to talk to someone regarding financial aid and many more topics that will cover need-to-know information.


Step five: Register and pay for classes

After the student has met with an academic advisor, they should be ready to register for their first set of courses. During the registration process, it is important to make sure you have no conflicts with any other parts of your schedule – you don’t want to overbook yourself!

Finally, it’s time to pay. There are several ways to pay for college, whether it be scholarships, grants, cash or loans. The best way to determine how you will pay for college is seeing a financial aid advisor after you have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application, to see if you are eligible for government assistance like the Pell Grant.

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