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Paying for college

Paying for college

If you’re college bound, but not seeing the scholarships rolling in, there are many other options for financing your future.

Government assistance

Federal and state governments offer some options to help you pay for college. If your state has a scholarship program, you may meet the parameters of one of the awards offered. Federal grants are also offered based on need, and work study programs can help you earn money right on campus. You can apply for federal assistance through one site.


Check with the financial aid office of the college you’ll be attending. They may have need-based or very specialized scholarships to offer. If you apply to several schools, that always gives you more options for shopping and bargaining and finding the best deal on school. Check out for a wealth of information on different sources for education funding.

Make a commitment

Organizations like AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, National Health Services Corps, the American Military and ROTC programs offer assistance to help you pay for college in exchange for a service commitment.

Local Money

Churches and community organizations often offer up money to help local students pay for college. To find out what’s available, you could talk to your guidance counselor, ask your employer or call some local businesses to make some contacts.

When all else fails, borrow

To fill in the cracks, student loans are an option, but borrowing wisely is important, because the debt will be waiting for you when you finish school.

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