Fulfilling the ‘Four Cs’ with Titan’s Belly at SPC Midtown

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Imagine going to the store, filling your basket with what you need, and then being told you can leave without having to pay for it. That’s the concept behind Titan’s Belly – a student food pantry for St. Petersburg College students in need.

What is the Titan’s Belly?

The college held a grand opening for the Titan’s Belly student food pantry on May 18 at the St. Petersburg College Midtown Center‘s Cecil B. Keene Sr. Student Achievement Center. With the new pantry, SPC Midtown is serving students who are aspiring to reach their goals despite current economic setbacks in as personal a way as possible.

Many are familiar with the saying, “Hungry bellies make for distracted minds.” SPC Midtown has targeted the issue head on in an attempt to keep students focused and on track.

Titan's Belly FacultyThe pantry has been in the making for three years, said Domonique McManus, a student assistant at Titan’s Belly.  And, even though it just launched, those involved can already tell that it will truly be a program with an impact.

“Two students that went through the process were saying how much they really appreciated it, and that there was a need for this in the community. They said that it was an overall blessing, and that they’ll surely be back, spreading the word in the meantime,” she said.

Giving back in a way that directly impacts the college’s students is a priority at SPC

The President’s Thoughts

SPC President Dr. Tonja Williams launched her tenure at the college’s helm by prioritizing what she has referred to as the “Four Cs” or the cornerstones of a successful college – culture, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Pantry organizers said those ideas were incorporated into the creation and organization of this student pantry.

At the ceremony, Dr. Williams expressed her pride in seeing the pantry officially opened and said she hoped to see more like it across the college. Her satisfaction with the program showed in her smile as she walked through the pantry and gave hugs to the volunteers.

OK and…? Sign up, shopping guide, hours, donations

Wondering how this all works for students?  The process is simple. Students wanting to use the pantry are asked to fill out a form with a few questions and to provide identification from SPC confirming they are current students. Verification then only takes a few minutes.

That’s it.

Once students arrive at the pantry to begin shopping, they can refer to a shopping guide showing what is available.

Titan's Belly Shopping Guide
Titan’s Belly Shopping Guide

Titan’s Belly is open to SPC students on Fridays and accepts donations on a rolling basis.

Non-perishable donations are accepted. Don’t have time to take them directly to SPC Midtown? Leave donations with any SPC campus Student Life or Student Services office with instructions that they be delivered to the Keene Center.

Need more information?

For more information on the Titan’s Belly, please contact Yolanda Tearett, the Volunteer Services Coordinator for the Midtown Center , at tearrett.yolanda@spcollege.edu or 727-341-4303. Or send an email to volunteer@spcollege.edu.

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Grand Opening – Titan's Belly Food Pantry

Posted by St. Petersburg College on Friday, May 18, 2018

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