SPC and The Beau Institute Meet Again!

For over 5 years, SPC students and French students who are attending the highly esteemed Beau Institute, meet at SPC’s Downtown campus to discuss comparative politics and engage in cultural exchange.

Today, the newest French scholars met with SPC student leaders to discuss the differences between U.S. and French Constitutions, the philosophical and historical origins of the two countries Constitutions and develop a greater respect for each others citizenry.

Dr. Philippe Beau, one of the co-founders of the Beau Institute, a non-profit organization which offers alternatives to the traditional university learning by integrating students into their future careers by offering internships with U.S. organizations and interactive classes, co-teaches this annual seminar with Dr. Tara Newsom of SPC. Newsom is a faculty member in the Social & Behavioral Science Department as well as the Director of the Center for Civic Learning & Community Engagement.

SPC welcomes the development of global citizenry and delights in this partnership!

For more information on the Beau Institute:


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