Time to Get Glocal!!

Social & Behavioral Sciences will be hosting two community forums during the next week! One is about local politics and the other one will be about global politics. Together, we are going to get Glocal!!

The 1st one will be on Monday, October 23rd. Candidates for the Seminole City Council will participate in an evening debate at the Seminole Digitorium. From property taxes to Home Rule, the discussion will revolve around pressing local concerns. The debate begins at 7pm.

The next forum will be on October 26th and will also be at the Seminole Digitorium. Foreign Experts from SPC, such as Bledar Prifti, PhD, Christian Moriarty and Kim Jackson will have a no holds barred discussion on the current and future dynamics of US foreign policy towards several “Hot Zones” in the world. These “Hot Zones” include North Korea, Iran, Russia and much more. The discussion begins at 645pm.

Please join us for some great discussion. Panelists will invite the audience to ask questions as well. For more information, please contact Dr. Douglas Rivero at 727-394-6948.

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