Special Engagement Event: The Psychic Hold of Slavery

Join us on Tuesday August 15th @ The American Stage Theater for a night of conversation and discussion. Dr. Robert Patterson, Chair of African American Studies at Georgetown University, will discuss how the history chattel of slavery continues to impact the domestic politics of the US.  From law enforcement controversies and voting rights issues to the growing rise of of neo-fascist groups, it is obvious that the struggle for political and social equality continues. As such, Professor Patterson will attempt to offer insights as to how the US may bridge these divisions.

Some important questions to consider:

Will the Trump administration support and enforce existing civil rights laws?

How does the media promote the continuation of institutionalized racism?

How will shifting demographics impact race relations?

Does the current millennial generation offer us hope for the future?

This free event (and amazing civic engagement opportunity) is from 630-730PM at the American Stage Theater @ 163rd St North (SPC Downtown). A paid reception will begin at 530PM ($10 in advance and $15 at the door). It is sponsored by both St. Petersburg College and the Georgetown University Alumni Club.

For more info, contact Vanessa Cohn @vncohn@gmail.com

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