Blessing Box Comes to Seminole

The blessing box is a new and organically-driven civic engagement concept that has come to St. Petersburg’s Seminole campus. It is housed in the Seminole Community Library and offers residents the ability to anonymously donate to their community. In turn, residents who are in need have the opportunity to “withdraw” resources from the blessing box. Common items that are deposited include food, toiletries and other nonperishable items.

This is truly an amazing opportunity for SPC students to partner and engage with their surrounding community in a project that promotes a very wholesome kind of civic engagement. Indeed, this concept fights back against the glorification of narcissism, vanity and egotism that is often present in today’s society. Anonymous philanthropy contends that givers should not strive for any awards or admiration. Moreover, this type of civic engagement also frees the recipient from the type of shaming that often occurs against those who are less fortunate or who have fallen on hard times. Overall, anonymous civic engagement unleashes pride in the community in an effort to solve social problems collectively.

If you are interested in making or receiving a donation, please note that the box is a bright yellow color. Even more, it is extremely convenient for students and residents given that it is open 24 hours a day and left unlocked.

For more information, please see the recently published story at the Tampa Bay Times:

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