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As a career professional, Carissa Roldan meets students all the time. They come in seeking help and advice at the Career Center. Faculty bring in their classes for a workshop or seminar. Sometimes students come in just for a quiet place or conversation. One student, Samantha Scarpa, sticks out as one that will remembered for a long time.

I first met Samantha a year ago when I started as a Career Outreach Specialist at the Tarpon Springs campus. She would regularly come in to the Career Center to use one of the study rooms. After seeing her a few times, we started to chat. She was not coming in for any career advice, just a quiet place to be. Samantha is a very strong and driven young lady. Me being very social, I would chat with her about her career goals from time to time. She first mentioned being interested in business and I gave her some job shadowing information. During the next semester, she started having an interest in the medical field. She had already used her networking skills and set up to meet with a medical professional to see exactly what they do! Good job Samantha. I then asked Samantha to share what she thought of the Career Center and the services. 

Here are Samantha’s thoughts about the Career Hub:

Samantha Scarpa
Samantha Scarpa – Tarpon Springs Campus student

It has been about a year and a half now since I started coming to the Career Center. My name is Samantha Scarpa, and I am studying to be in the medical field. The Career Center for me has been a resourceful outlet that allows me to fully expand my knowledge. It has helped me chase my ambitions. The study rooms provide a quiet space that helps me to focus completely on any tasks I must accomplish each day. I love that Career Outreach Specialist, Carissa Roldan, helps improve my career path through each discussion. Carissa keeps me on track and gives me access to job opportunities connected to my career choice. I enjoy my time in the Career Center and know that it will always be there for my convenience. I appreciate the help I receive to reach my goals. I encourage everyone to stop in and check it out!

Carissa says, whether you need some career advice or just a quiet place to study, remember that many campuses have a Career Center. While you are there take advantage of all the resources and tools that we have to offer our SPC students! 

Tools Include:

  • Focus2– Major Exploration and Career Planning for College Students
  • Handshake– helps all students find meaningful careers
  • Optimal Resume– teach job readiness skills, deliver high quality career services, and improve results

Thank you Samantha Scarpa for your contribution to this article.

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