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Are you a studentGraduationbooks that’s getting ready for college? That’s great! Many students that graduate from high school tend to start college afterwards. With a dream in mind, young adults tend to get excited and imagine what lies ahead of them. But when reality strikes, it can cause a big challenge for them. Whether it is financially, academically, socially, or all of above, students tend to feel overwhelmed and end up not finishing what they have started. Well, do not fret! There are many ways to be prepared for college life. Here are some tips that can help you keep yourself on the path of success and up to graduation.

Find Your People
Colleges and universities have many exciting clubs for students to be a part in. Whether it is Student Government Association, or a cultural club, or even a fantasy/anime club, it caters to all students of all kind. Engaging in student activities helps you find your own social clique. Try to meet as many people as you can to get the feel of being in a community that you feel like it is where you belong.

Ask for Help
Having trouble with homework or an essay? Have questions about your academic studies or financial aid? Having an emotional break down? Don’t sweat! All you have to do is ask or talk to someone in your school. College and universities has many advisors and tutors that can help you and answer any questions that you may have. College life can be stressful, but your advisors, mentor, or even the Dean will lend you their ear. You are not alone when facing these challenges, but in order to be successful always seek help and ask questions.

Begin with “The End” in Mind
Imagine yourself on graduation day walking across the stage and receiving your diploma in hand. Remind yourself why you are in college in the first place, and keep the thought of graduating in your mind every day as you continue on throughout your semesters. The more you think positively and have that drive to graduate, the more likely you are to succeed.

Step into the Career Center
The career center helps you to get connected with job and intern opportunities that you are interested in. It is recommended to get involved with your field of study as soon as your first year in college. Getting involved with the career service will not only raise your chances to stay in college, but also help make connections between your academic and career goals.

Overcome Impostor Syndrome
There are times when students feel like they are not smart enough or do not feel like they do not belong, an outsider or an impostor in a competitive university and its programs. Well, that’s not true. If you were accepted into the college, you belong there! The peers around you are just as nervous and may feel the same way. It happens to all of us throughout our adulthood. So do not feel bad. You do belong and you can overcome the impostor syndrome.

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Always finish what you started and never give up.

Good luck!

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