Soft Skills – What’s the Move?

Soft skills

By Carrie Root, Ph.D., Sawyer Hill and Jean Coleman with Alpha UMi Inc.

Across the country, workforce surveys are reporting that industry needs candidates with soft skills. What does this mean? It means they need employees:

  • with a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • who communicate well
  • manage their time effectively
  • show initiative and leadership growth characteristics
  • and who are respectful

All of this in an environment characterized today by five generations in the workforce.

Soft skills 5G on the job talk

Soft skills are the key to success

There are many older people in the workforce who will not understand the meaning of  “What’s the move?”, including millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Traditionalists. Do you know how to pay attention to their body language? Do you know when to offer an explanation to keep them in the conversation? How about when generational slang creates a potential barrier to understanding? Soft skills are important for bridging the generation gap.

Yes, you know how to keep in touch with your friends, check on what’s happening, submit your coursework on time. But do you really know how to communicate with someone four decades older than you? Someone who is not used to sharing information via text? Someone who likes to read words spelled the way they learned them way back in school. What about someone who has never heard of Urban Dictionary? Someone who expects phone calls, and may not even know how to text?

The work environment is changing and you will be a big part of that change. But being able to fit into a company’s work environment is needed before change can be made. Will an employer interviewing you believe you have the right stuff to send out to his clients? If not, you won’t be offered the job. Will that employer believe that you will fit into the corporate culture? Again, if not, you will still be looking for employment following that interview. Thinking further, are you even finding the right companies to interview with? Are you able to communicate your personal brand and be able to explain how it will fit into a company’s culture?

Consider 5G Power Skills certification

This dynamic course will jumpstart your professionalism. When you complete the course, you will receive digital, on-line badging. This is a stackable credential that can be used on your resume, and on social media. It conveys that you have been certified in 5G’s (generations) 25 soft skill competencies which are in great demand by the workforce today.

Get Your 5G Power Skills certification at SPC!

St. Petersburg College offers the 5G™ Power Skills Certification through our Workforce Insitute. The dynamic program is broken up into three workshops. The workshops address the top 25 interpersonal skills needed to foster collaboration and productivity to build a dynamic multigenerational workforce. 5G gives you the competitive advantage with certification in the sought after power skills required for a lifetime of achievement.

Check out all 25 competencies here. You can review more on the SPC program and express interest in an upcoming session by visiting

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