Services Available for Students with Disabilities

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While a disabled student is in college there are resources to assist the student. However once the student graduates they may not know that there are a number of resources available to assist them with job placement and success.  As someone with a disability getting into the workforce is very hard and sometimes you even deal with employers who do not want to hire you.  It is important for a student with a disability to find someone to help the with job placement.  The most important thing for someone with a disability seeking a job to remember when looking for a job is that there are certain questions that potential employers can ask and questions which they cannot ask related to the potential employees disability.  The job accommodation network provides potential job seekers with a list of the questions which an employer cannot ask the potential employee.  Regarding Job performance the employer can only ask if the employee is able to perform the job with or without reasonable accommodations. They cannot ask the potential employee if their specific physical or mental impairment work keep them from preforming the job they are seeking or would affect their job performance.  This also applies to the attendance of the potential employee.  As far as attendance is concerned the potential employer can only ask the potential employee if they would be able to meet the requirements and also how many days they were absent from their last job other than approved days.

There are many resources online for disabled student to use for finding jobs.  Two of the best resources on the internet are from the “Ticket to work” program through social security and also through Vocational Rehabilitation.  Both of these resources provided the individual with jobs.  Vocational rehabilitation also helps disabled individuals with resumes and being successful once they do obtain employment. is a great resource for disabled individuals.  This site provides individuals with resources on accommodations and job resources.

If you would like further assistance, please contact Kelley Ferranti at 727-341-3297.

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