Ridgewood High School Students learned all about SPC

BlogOn Friday April 24, the Tarpon Springs Career Services staff hosted 44 high school students from Ridgewood High School in Pasco County.

The future St. Petersburg College students were taken on a campus tour and shown the highlights of the amenities offered to students. Our wonderful Peer Advisors assisted with the tour and were able to answer many questions from the curious students about what it’s like to be a college student.

David Wilburn, Student Support Advisor, spoke to students about how to be successful while in college and explained the difference between an AA and an AS degree.

Career Specialist, Claudia Faiola told the students about the different types of support offered by the Career Services Department.

Ethan Hart, Associate Director of Learning Resources gave the students an overview of the Library and Learning Resource support.

Students also received a guided tour of the the Leepa Rattner Museum of Art. The visit wrapped up with a motivational talk from the Tarpon Springs Provost, Dr. Marvin Bright. He quizzed the students about the tour and invited them to come back and visit during the next school year.

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