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Are you ready to work certified? SPC students now have the opportunity to earn credentials.  These will help you stand out from other applicants.  It will show employers that you have the skills and initiative the employer is looking for. Florida Ready to Work is an innovative, new workforce education and economic development program. 

The centerpiece of the program is the Florida Ready to Work credential.  This is a career readiness certificate that confirms a student has the fundamental job skills necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly changing and competitive economy. The program is funded by the state and is free to students. The coursework is online and can be completed whenever you have the time.

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The program has several benefits for both students and employers:

  • Provides students with a standard credential that certifies their workplace readiness and ability to succeed on the job.
  • Saves employers time and money by taking the guesswork out of the hiring process.
  • Helps prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs.

The Florida Ready To Work credential is a personalized certificate, signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, that shows a student is ready to work.  There are three academic credential levels –  bronze, silver and gold. In addition to the online coursework, a student must take three proctored Assessments- Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information and Locating Information. These three Assessments were selected because:

  • research shows that these three fundamental skills are necessary for more than 85 percent of all jobs today
  • these core skills are the basis for most other career readiness programs across the country, providing value wherever a student may move in the future.

The credential levels are awarded based on a student’s score on the final assessments. These assessments are currently offered at no charge on the Clearwater and Allstate Campuses. To receive the credential, a score of “3” or higher is required on each assessment.

The Florida Ready to Work program also offers a Soft Skills credential. Documenting these skills provides a huge leg up in the hiring process. The Soft Skills training measures:

Workplace Attitude Behavior Character
Interpersonal Interaction Listening/ Speaking Cooperation/ Respect
Self-Management Resource Management Time Management
Quality Management Customer Service Problem Solving

 This is a separate, but valuable, credential from the skills assessments above.

Ready To Get Started?

Workers who became certified.

The coursework is live and accepting SPC students. To get started, follow these steps:

  • Visit to sign in to your account
    • For students, Your access has already been created for you with the following credentials:
      • Username (SPC Student Email address):
      • Password: Your SPC student number
  • On your initial sign in, you will need to update your account profile and change your password
    • You will be prompted to do this automatically
  • Once your account is updated, you will have full access to the coursework
    • You can click an any individual credential to get started:
      • Each section will start with a placement test
      • Once the test is complete, you can start the modules
      • Just click on any section to begin:
Florida Ready to Work Dashboard

You can review more information and FAQ’s by visiting Feel free to reach Jason Nicholson with any questions by emailing

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  1. We can’t wait to serve our students at the Allstate Center when they #GetCertifiedSPC, great informative article Jason!

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