New Year Career Resolutions

Renewed Commitment

With the new year fast approaching, it’s a good time to make a few career resolutions. Here are ten steps to making your career decision and the actions to take to get going:

10. Invest in yourself.  Because you are worth taking the time to know what you want out of life.  So, visit with a career professional on your campus and talk it out.  Do a few career assessments to help clarify.

9.  Research your possibilities. You discovered your interests, skills and personality, now research those careers using The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ – Occupational Outlook Handbook. This site provides information on salaries, education needed, projected growth, similar occupations, professional associations and more.  Then, check out the Occupational Information Network. Here you will find skills, abilities, working conditions, educational institutions, state specific salaries and growth.

8. Connect to professionals. Talk to those who do what you want to do. As in, is this really right for you?  Ask yourself: Who do I know that does this job?  Who do I know that knows someone who does this job?  Don’t know anyone?  Leverage your social media to find these connections.

7. Schedule informational interviews. Ask questions to confirm this career choice. Then, spend some time with several different professionals in your area of interest.  Get a good feel for how you will spend your decades in the world of work.  Also, we have informational interview questions, sample emails and phone scripts in Career Services.  Come see us!

6. Job shadowing. From the informational interview, ask to see if you can spend a few hours observing what these professionals do in order to make sure this is how you want to invest your time and money.

5. Meet with your Academic & Career Advisor. Update your SPC degree and create your My Learning Plan (MLP). Then, identify your transfer (AA) program or school with the advisor.

4. Join a club on campus. Employers are looking for employees with strong communication and leadership skills. On campus clubs are a great way to practice these skills as well as build your resume. Don’t wait until your last semester.  Be a leader on campus.

3. Build you network. We all know the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” If you are not connecting to professionals in your field, you are limiting your possible future employment opportunities.  Start now.

2. Create a professional resume. Check out the resume building tool in MyCourses called Optimal Resume. Get templates, tips and samples to create dynamic resumes.   This tool does so much more than just resumes, so check out all the tools.  Then, take your resume to a career professional on your campus for review.

1. Show up to class on time and give it your best effort. This is a quality employers are looking for, so why not start this habit now? Arriving to class on time and being prepared are two keys to good grades.  Go for it.

In conclusion, SPC Career Services can help you with each of these steps.  Come see us and get started on your New Year and renewed commitment to YOU.

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