Meet the St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus career & academic advisors

Attention St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus students! Here’s a chance to learn more about some of the college’s Career & Academic Advisors, why you should meet with them and how they can help you in college and beyond to a future where you’ll be working for more than a paycheck but also for a purpose.

Why should I meet with an advisor?

Your advisor can help you learn more about yourself so you are better equipped to make decisions that will help you achieve a meaningful career.

By taking a “career inventory” such as Focus 2, your advisor assists you in learning about your interests, skills, values and personality or Holland Codes,  which refer to personality types. Finding a career that fits your Holland personality can be a step toward success.

Also, the Career & Academic Advisors are always working to develop their skills and provide more opportunities to assist students. Stay tuned to hear about new trends in Career & Academic Advising that can help students such as staff training in Career Development Facilitation, group advising sessions and workshops with the college’s retention team who help students successfully complete their college goals.

How can I pick an advisor who’s right for me?

Who are these Yoda-like figures who can help you better understand your academic aspirations and career dreams? Would knowing your advisor’s own Holland/Personality code make you feel more confident that this person understands you?

If you’ve asked those questions, than meet the entire St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus team of Career & Academic Advisors below or, over the next several weeks, on Facebook and Twitter. Learn about their unique advising styles  and Holland personality types so you can select the best advisor for you. Or, if you attend one of the other college’s campuses, check the staff directory to contact an advisor at that location.

Leslie Morrow, Student Support Manager (Interim)Leslie Morrow



Nick Berry, Career & Academic AdvisorNick Berry

  • GED and career and academic advising
  • Has a bachelor’s in Business Administration
  • Advising style: Proactive
  • Part of the SPC Basketball coaching staff
  • Location: SP/G – AD 160
  • Phone: (727)341-3544
  • Email:


April Bullock, Career & Academic AdvisorApril Bullock


Melinda Daun, Career & Academic AdvisorMelinda Daun


Lisa Dollenmayer, Career & Academic AdvisorLisa Dollenmayer

  • Retention advisor
  • Personality: Social
  • Advising style: Proactive
  • Experience as a Disability Support Services provider & Career/Academic Advisor (seven years)
  • Location: SP/G – AD 160
  • Phone: (727)341-4428
  • Email:

Anh Dufoe, Career & Academic AdvisorAnh-Dufoe

Chauncey Giraldi, Career & Academic AdvisorChauncey Giraldi

Nikki Hall, Career & Academic AdvisorNikki Hall

Shoshana Kroll, Career & Academic AdvisorShoshana Kroll

  • Earned a master’s degree in Jewish Studies/Education, Gratz College
  • Has a bachelor’s in Communications/Print Journalism, USF
  • SPC alumni (AA degree)
  • Personality: Artistic, social and realistic
  • Past career experience as  a writer, educator and school director
  • Loves working with students and helping them achieve their academic goals
  • Location: SP/G – AD 160
  • Phone: (727)398-8247
  • Email:

Clara Sager, Career & Academic AdvisorClara Sieger


Richard Smith, Career & Academic AdvisorRichard Smith


Robert Wilcoxen, Career & Academic AdvisorRobert Wilcoxen

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