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Do you have a resume?  When was the last time you updated it?  Think of your resume as an excellent marketing tool to help employers see your value.  Clearwater Campus Career Services will be hosting a Resume Writing workshop. Learn about Optimal Resume and other tools that take the stress out of your job search. Get the know how that will get you hired!

March 29 at 12:30 pm in the New Library, 2nd floor, Room 209

Webster’s College Dictionary Defines a resume as, “A brief account of personal, educational, and professional qualifications and experience that is prepared by a job applicant.”  Anyone who is seeking employment needs a résumé.  The Résumé Writing Workshop will show you how to use Optimal Résumé, an online tool located in “My Courses.”  Optimal Résumé  has more than 500 templates designed to help college students and graduates prepare their résumé.  Résumés should be tailored to the job you are seeking, not generalized.  Career Services is here to help you create a resume that is targeted to the profession you are seeking.

Learn more about the three standard résumé styles and find out which style is best suited for you:

  • The Chronological Résumé – most recent employment is listed first
  • The Functional or Skills-Based Résumé – best for first time job seekers or career changers
  • The Combination or Hybrid Résumé – merges both the Chronological and Functional Résumé styles

Every résumé should include these sections:

  • Personal information including full name, mailing address, email and phone number, and military status if applicable
  • Qualifications and Professional Profile
  • Employment history or work experience including job title, employer’s name (address may also be required), starting and ending dates(month/year), and employment status (full-time or part-time or hours per week) for government jobs
  • Education, skills,  and accomplishments including related knowledge, attributes, publications, volunteer work, certifications and awards

For more information or to attend the workshop, contact Wanda Kimsey, Career Specialist by email at or by phone at  727-791-2431.

Links: (click on student login, then click on the My Courses tab, scroll down and on the far right-hand side you will see the link to Optimal Résumé).

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