Who You Know vs. What You Know

Of course it’s about who you know, as Dr. Kohrs emphasized in his
presentation at SPC who you knowClearwater Campus on April 20, 2017.  Dr. Kohrs, a SPC Clearwater Alumni, explained the importance of Social Networking for a successful future.  He shared with the audience his experience from his high school years all the way to today, with a fast paced technology evolvement, making Social Networking a main ingredient for creating a successful future in any career.  Dr. Kohrs was not an “A” student during his high school years.  He was actually absent 1 year and 1 day from high school, choosing to go to libraries and museums instead of class.  Later, in college all the way to obtaining his PhD, he maintained a 4.0 GPA.  He shared with the audience four proven, effective ways to increase your GPA in addition to studying hard.

  • Introduce yourself to the professor after the first class. Let the professor know that it will be a great class, and you will enjoy their class.
  • Ask a question. Raise your hand and ask a question about something that you have already read from the course material.
  • Keep in touch. Professors spend many hours in their offices when they are not teaching classes. Use those office hours, to stop by and get connected with your professor.
  • Join a Club. Creating relationships and allies with different departments such as the writing studio, student clubs, the library, and career services is an important key for doing better.

Dr. Kohrs also mentioned Small World Theory / Six degrees of Separation, which is the amount of degrees you are away from knowing someone.  Small World Theory expresses that we have friends who have friends and so on, proving we have unlimited connections available to us.  On average each one of us has about 100 – 150 connections.

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