Just Breathe!

Stress Reduction Tips for Virtual Learning and Career Searching

Are you feeling stressed about searching for a career?  Do you feel tension at your current job? Did you know the way you breathe can make a huge impact on your stress levels? 

We don’t typically stop to think about breathing.  It’s just something we do naturally.  Stop a moment now and notice how you’re breathing.  Is it shallow? Or are you breathing fully?

Benefits of Breathing Properly

Proper breathing techniques can help rid toxins from the body, decrease fatigue, improve sleep, calm the nervous system, and reduce stress, all of which are very important to staying healthy and alert on your career path and in general in life.

Ready, Set…Breathe!

Here are a few exercises you can do now to begin feeling calmer.  For a demonstration of these breathing techniques and additional wellness tips, go to the Career Services Hub group on Workplace. Go to minute 19:23 in the Work-Related Wellness Tips recording to see the following in action:


The 4-7-8 breathing technique, also known as the “relaxing breath,” involves breathing in for 4 seconds, holding the breath for 7 seconds, and exhaling for 8 seconds.  Repeat a few times.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Inhale through both nostrils.  Then, press your finger against your left nostril to close it and exhale through the right.  Keeping the left nostril closed, inhale through the right nostril.  Next, change sides, exhaling through the left nostril and inhaling.  Continue alternating closing each nostril to complete a full breath.  Repeat a few cycles. 

Deep Exhale

Breathe regularly.  As you exhale, bend at the waist as comfortable.  Then, expel all the air you can until you feel you cannot exhale anymore.  This pushes all the stagnant air out of your lungs.  You will naturally draw in a deep breath when finished.  Repeat a couple times.

Take it Easy!

As you ease into these breath-work practices, start with doing these for only a few minutes a day.  In short, our brains typically aren’t used to being so well oxygenated.  So, you’ll want to start s-l-o-w-l-y. 

You can use these relaxation techniques in challenging moments. However, maintaining a daily habit of breath-work will help you remember these tips more easily in stressful times.

Stay Connected

As always, reach out to the Career Services team so we can help you prepare for your job search.  Along with stopping to take a deep breath, preparation is key to feeling less stress, too!

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