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Post-graduation job hunting can be nerve-wracking, interviewing for your next career can be even more stressful. However, once you land your dream job all those worries become antiquated.

Let’s talk about some skills for you to show off during your interview that will help you land your first job after graduation. Even though you are a new graduate and more than likely have limited experience, these skills can push you to the front of the line, when being considered for the open position.

Employers are looking for a team player. They want to make sure that you have the ability to work in a collaborative setting. On your application and resume you want to emphasize any time you worked in a meaningful team setting. This can be an extensive class project, a club committee you were in charge of and even an athletic team. Remember you are going to be asked about this in the interview, so have a story about the time you and your team worked through a difficult project or conflict.

Next thing is that employers want to make sure you have a go-getter attitude, can prioritize projects and can make decisions on your own. Waiting to be told what to do is not the attitude employers want. They want you to have the ability to set and meet high expectations for yourself and the company. This is an action trait, so how do you show them this skill in an interview? You want to convey a time you set and accomplished a major goal in your life; explain to them all that went through the process from begging to end. This will give them a good visualization on how you prioritize and accomplish big things.

Lily Zhangs, a Career Development Specialist at MIT wrote an article titled 5 Skills You Must Show Off to Land Your First Job (and Every One After That) writes, “being able to communicate effectively with your team, your manager, and your clients can be what separates stellar candidates from decent ones. Make sure you can speak with confidence. This is something that will be noticed in your interview. If you speak very quiet and just answer questions with simple responses, chances are you are not going to get a callback. You want to show confidence in speaking and address each question with ample detail and a confident tone.

Lastly, remember that you are new graduate and whichever employer hires you, they are going to put you though training. However, they want someone who can learn and process new information quickly. Explain in the interview that you are a fast learner and offer examples how. Employers want to get the most out of you as quick as possible, the longer you are learning something, they less time you have for bigger responsibilities.


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