Graduating without a job? Read some of the best job search tips straight from recruiters!

Flyer for May 27 2015 eventAccording to Forbes, Gradstaff (a recruiting firm for newly graduated professionals) reports that 75-80% of college seniors will graduate without a job lined up. That’s an incredibly high number – too high, considering all of the job search resources new graduates have available. With the assistance of a Forbes article we will outline the best things you can be doing to find that first post-college job.

Take advantage of free coaching! Maybe you’re familiar with your career center on campus, maybe not. Luckily for you, we’re still here to help you! In addition to our online job board found through MySPC ->MyCareer ->Optimal Resume, we have an upcoming workshop specifically for recently graduated students (see event image). Even outside of the school, using an online job search tool like PWC’s Career Advisor can allow you to read articles and complete activities to increase your career readiness.

Target Smaller Companies. Smaller companies typically don’t have the resources to attend large recruiting events and so you may not have heard yet about their opportunities. Searching for and contacting small local companies working in your intended industry may give you an opportunity to gain great skills to make you more marketable going forward.

Start with an Internship. Didn’t get to do an internship in college? You still can! Most companies that offer internships will also consider recent graduates. Though some internships are unpaid, others offer a small wage to make ends meet while you’re attaining the valuable experience to help you in getting your post-internship job in your field!

Create your own opportunity. Reach out on LinkedIn, attend job fairs, contact professionals that you know – Grow your network! It’s estimated that about 40% of open positions go unadvertised because they are given to individuals the hiring manager has already chosen. Get out there and meet people! Market yourself! You never know what opportunities could be just a conversation away.

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