Are you LinkedIn?

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LinkedIn, what’s all the buzz? How can it help you? Let’s explore.

What is it?

LinkedIn is an employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. With over 500 million members, students can engage and build professional networks with industry professionals. Employers are able to post jobs while job seekers are able to post their resumes. Those with profiles are able to research companies and find or make connections.  

Why use it?

  • It’s no longer enough to simply have a solid resume. Students now need a professional online presence.  
  • 94 percent of recruiters used the service to find job candidates. This is part of the hidden job market.
  • LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more views.

I’m in! What’s next?

  • Meet with a career services professional on your campus or center.
  • Request your instructor to arrange a classroom workshop.
  • Request a career services professional to present a workshop to your student group or organization.

Benefits of a LinkedIn profile?

  • Build a professional profile that helps you stand out.
  • Connect with employers, recruiters, and alumni.
  • Conduct a personalized job search.
  • Join industry-specific groups and keep up with trends.
  • Follow companies and learn about their staff and cultures.

Upcoming Workshops and Photoshoots

  • Seminole Campus will be hosting a Working Wednesday focused on LinkedIn on March 20th from 12-2pm in the UP Lobby. At this event you can have your professional headshot taken for your profile. For more information contact Lynne Wolf,
  • Health Education Center LinkedIn Workshop, April 10th, 11-12pm in Room 274C. For more information contact Monica Roberts,   
  • LinkedIn Headshot Photoshoot, Thursday, April 11th, 11-12:30pm, Health Education Center, Room 274C. For more information contact Monica Roberts, 

Helpful resources

LinkedIn Profile Checklist screen capture
LinkedIn Profile Checklist screen cap.

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