Career Professionals: Who’s Who to Serve YOU

Did you know there are career professionals –  a whole career crew – ready to help you at St. Petersburg College?  They can assist in areas such as career decision-making, employment preparation, internship opportunities,  and finally landing that dream job.

Do you know who they are?  Do you know where to find them?  These are SPC Career Services professionals located on campus and online. Let me introduce who’s who in the Career Crew.

Kerry Carter – Career Outreach Specialist

Joe Benavides – Career Outreach Specialist

Wanda Kimsey – Student Support/Career Specialist

Downtown and Midtown:

Michael Jean-Felix – Career and Academic Advisor

Destinymarie Alicea-Richardson – Career and Academic Advisor

Health Education Center:

Monica Roberts – Career Outreach Specialist


Jason Nicholson – Career and Academic Advisor

Terri Hogan – Career and Academic Advisor

St. Petersburg/Gibbs:

Leah Deranian – Student Support Specialist (Career Specialist)

Rosaria Pipitone – Career Outreach Specialist

Richard Smith – Employment & Internship Coordinator

David White – Career and Academic Advisor

Lucy Williams – Student Support Assistant


Sandy DeCarlo – Career Outreach Specialist

Jacob Wortock – Employment & Internship Coordinator

Lynne Wolf – Career Specialist

Renee Hansen – Student Support Assistant

Tarpon Springs:

Carissa Roldan – Career Outreach Specialist

Michael O’Berry –  Employment and Internship Coordinator

Who should I talk to?

Have you made a career decision?  Do you know the education needed, the starting salary, and future growth? How about employment skills?  Have you connected to professionals in the careers you are interested in? Do you know how and where to meet career professionals for informational interviewing or job shadowing? Do you know what soft skills are compared to hard skills?  This is the job of the Career Specialist.

Are you seeking an AA (Associate in Arts) degree?  What is the bachelor’s degree that you plan to transfer into?  Are you staying at SPC or looking to transfer to another college or university?  Do you need help to create your MLP (My Learning Plan)? Plan to connect with a Career and Academic Advisor.

Are you seeking an AS (Associate in Science)? Do you know the difference between an AA and AS?  What are the classes you need to earn your AS degree?  Who are the employers?  How can you connect with professionals to shadow?  This is the specialty area for our Career Outreach Specialists.

Are you connecting with employers and finding opportunities to land your job once you graduate?  Did you know that you will need an internship prior to graduation?  Do you know how to secure and register for an internship?  Have you crafted your resume and practiced for your internship interview? Connect with an Employment & Internship Coordinator.

Not sure who you need to talk to or how to connect?  Check in with our Student Support Assistants.  

Give us a call or email. Stop by our areas on campus. Reach out to us and ask us for help.  The Career Crew is here to help you make the most out of your college and employment preparation experiences.  Come meet who’s who in The Career Crew.

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