How to be as productive as possible in 2020

Graphic showing a man in a business suit running up a line graph.

We live in a world where convenience is instant, practically everything can be done with the use of a computer, and efficiency in the workplace has peaked. Yet, we still seem to hit roadblocks throughout the workday that slow and even halt our progress. Here are some tips to help you be more productive in 2020, not just in our careers, but in our studies and our personal lives.

Be in the moment

I hear this time and time again from friends, family, and even coworkers. A distracted person is not someone we want to spend time with. Taking a few minutes to focus on the conversation, experience, or meeting. It will also allow you to fully remember something.

Ask for help when you need it

No one expects you to be an expert on everything. Reaching out to others shows that you want to learn more, you aren’t afraid to advocate for yourself, and your pride doesn’t get in the way of your work. It will allow others to know they can come to you when they need help, too.

Say what you mean

Communication is one of the easiest things to do, yet, with the use of technology, it can be increasingly difficult. With virtual forms of communication, it is impossible to read sarcasm or tone. If you feel the lines of communication are strained, make it a priority to have a phone call or in-person conversation.

Strive for excellence

Why would you want to be anything but great? Even if you don’t hit all of your goals, having a to-do list and staying on top of your daily tasks will keep you in a good workflow. As an added bonus, you will be a good influence and role model to others around you!

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