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Graduate leadership academy: Gentleman’s edition

Cartoon wearing a graduation cap with a green and orange triangle in the background

Graduation is a beautiful milestone. Whether you took the traditional route entering college straight out of high school, or a nontraditional route by either returning to school or starting in your later years, it is important to celebrate your victories as you continue to progress in life. The Graduate Leadership Academy would like to help you celebrate.

This year, our focus is on our African-American male students. This program, funded through the college’s Titan Innovation Grant, is geared towards students who are scheduled to graduate this year. It is designed to help students cultivate the soft skills they need for success in the workplace.  We want to offer them an environment of encouragement and empowerment as they enter the workforce. If you are a graduating student in this target population, please fill out the online form to be considered for participation in the program.

On Friday, April 9 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Clearwater Campus in Room ES 104, St. Petersburg College will be hosting this event. We will begin the day with a personality assessment to help ease any anxiety if you are still unsure of what to do with your degree. We have some fun team-building exercises planned and an etiquette lunch, so you know how to conduct yourself if you are invited to network in a public setting involving food.

We will end the day with a series of mock interviews to bolster your confidence and help you feel prepared for the opportunities that will surely come your way. The event will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to a maximum of 20 students (in order to be mindful of social distancing rules).

If you have further questions or concerns about the Graduate Leadership Academy, please contact Stephanie Henningson, Kerry Carter, or myself at the emails and numbers below. We look forward to seeing you there!

Stephanie Henningson
727-791-2623 |

Kerry Carter
727-302-6504 |

Michael Jean-Felix
727-341-4672 |

Ready, Set, Succeed!

Students, do you feel ready to succeed in college?  The Ready, Set, Succeed program might be perfect for you. As a bonus, you can earn a free laptop with this opportunity!

During the upcoming Fall Semester, students have the opportunity to enroll into a course that is geared to help them succeed in college for free! This small group or community is called “the Neighborhood for Success (N4S).” The Downtown Center is offering a course called Ready, Set, Succeed. Other campuses offering this great course are Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, St. Petersburg/ Gibbs, and Seminole.

Ready Set Succeed provides an opportunity for students to start off their college career with a free laptop!

St. Petersburg College – Mission

The mission statement at St. Petersburg College (SPC) is to “promote student success and enrich our communities through education, career development and self-discovery.” 

Our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) allows us to focus on college readiness.  This focus is for long-term success as an essential element to help our students start smart and finish strong.

What is Ready, Set, Succeed?

Ready, Set, Succeed

Ready: Students will identify their learner mindset, including their expectations, and apply these expectations to their academic goals.

Set: Students will learn strategies, such as time management, knowledge monitoring, and comprehension strategies, to help them along their academic path.

Succeed: Students will show how the learner mindset and learning strategies have helped them in retention, persistence, and completion of their degree or certificate.

Value to students: 

  • Connection to faculty and success coaches during their first year in a structured format.
  • Gain support and insights from a N4S peer mentor.
  • Learn strategies to meet their academic goals.
  • Learn how to balance work and family responsibilities to be a successful college student.
  • Use of a laptop (with software and technical support) during the first year and allowed to keep upon successful completion of the program.
  • Events with free food, prizes, and giveaways.

Target population must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Students who have completed fifteen credit hours or less
  • Flex Placement student – Completed all four years of high school in a public Florida school
  • Recommended to take developmental education courses in at least one area
  • Waived at least one developmental recommendation
  • Registered for at least 6 credit hours
  • Online: Must be enrolled in at least one online academic course to be eligible to participate in the online section

If you are a student that meets these qualifications then please reach out to Michael Jean Felix, Career & Academic Advisor at the Downtown Center, your advisor on campus, or Professor Sara Brzezinski You don’t want to miss this great opportunity if you qualify!

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Students Get Ready and Get It Done!

Get It Done graphic

New to St. Petersburg College? Are you a returning student? Fall semester starts August 13! Current students and new students are encouraged to visit a St. Petersburg College Campus on July 18 and Get It Done!

St. Petersburg College will be holding the Get It Done Event at eight Campus locations. Take a campus tour. Meet with student services, financial aid, and career services. Get answers to your questions. Take advantage of this one stop, no hassle registration event.

Students will have the opportunity to meet with advisors to learn about the ten different academic communities, work on their My Learning Plan, and register for the fall semester. New students can get enrolled into Smart Start with the advisors they meet at the event.

Financial aid will be present to help students in completing their FAFSA correctly and giving detailed information about the opportunities to receive money for school. Students should remember that the universal deadline for payment for the fall semester is July 13. It is imperative that students understand, all registration after July 13 will have a tuition due date of the next day. For students paying for classes out of pocket, you can learn more about the Nelnet Payment Plan. Having your FAFSA up-to-date is the best course of action to ensure that courses are paid if using financial aid.

Students attend school to ultimately find their career. Career Services will be available to offer various services such career exploration through assessments, resume writing, and jobs/internship opportunities among others. It is our mission to promote student success and enrich our communities through education, career development, and self-discovery.

Plan to join us on July 18 to Get It Done! We look forward to greeting, meeting, and helping You become the career professional you have dreamed of becoming.

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Are You LinkedIn?

The St. Petersburg College, Downtown Campus, will hold a LinkedIn workshop for students on April 17th in DC202 from 11-1pmLinkedIn is a social media tool used for professional networking.


Social Media has taken the world by storm since the turn of the 21st century. If you ask a person if they utilize social media, the standard answers would be “oh yes I have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.”

LinkedIn is not necessarily high on some lists when it comes to the everyday person BUT it should be if you are looking to expand your career opportunities. LinkedIn is a professional social media that incorporates the fluidity and easy navigation of Facebook, while allowing you to connect with various different companies and recruiters for job opportunities.

Resumes are still a crucial component to being considered for a job or career and LinkedIn is essentially an online resume that you can create to show companies what you are made of. This event will not only educate students on how to create a profile picture, but also how to utilize or create a resume through Optimal Resume so that students can build their professional network.

Using the correct profile picture is crucial with LinkedIn, because as a professional representation of your resume, you want to look the part. Selfies aren’t professional even if you are wearing the correct attire but at the end of the workshop, students have the opportunity to have a professional photo taken.  These photos will be sent to the students via email to add to their newly created LinkedIn profile pages.

All students are welcome to this event. Keep an eye out for other Career Services events such as Working Wednesday. Please contact me and/or stop by Career Services for any questions that you may have.

2017 Transfer Fairs

St. Petersburg College will hold three transfer fairs this month, the first at the Downtown Campus on Feb. 21, the next at the Clearwater Campus on Feb. 22, and the last at the Seminole Campus on February 23.

Are you nearing completion of your AA degree?  Or are you interested to learn about more the different Colleges and Universities?

A transfer fair is vital for students that want to continue their education, explore different schools available to transfer to, and also learn about the different application processes specific to each school. With many degree options, this is the perfect opportunity to speak directly to university academic advisors, recruiters and admissions coordinators who provide program-specific information in addition to various educational opportunities.

This fair is open to all SPC students and we encourage all of our students to learn about the various SPC bachelor’s degree programs that we offer.

St. Petersburg College Downtown Campus will host these 22 different Colleges and Universities on Tuesday February 21 at William’s Park from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm:

Jacksonville University University of North Florida
Savannah College of Art and Design University of Tampa
National University of Health Sciences Florida Southern College
Florida Institute of Technology- Virtual Site Southeastern University
Utica College SPC
University of Central Florida Springfield College Tampa Bay
Florida Atlantic University Webster University
University of South Florida College of Education National University of Health Sciences
St Petersburg College/College of Education Polk State College
Florida Gulf Coast University/Graduate Studies Nova Southeastern University
University of South Florida CCIT

St. Petersburg Clearwater Campus will exclusively have SPC’s College of Computer & Information Technology present, SPC’s Veterinary Technology, and the University Of South Florida College Of Education along with over 15 different Colleges and Universities on February 22 from 11:30-1:30 pm.

St. Petersburg Seminole Campus will also have the University Of South Florida College Of Education along with over 15 different Colleges and Universities on February 23 from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Food will be provided. Don’t miss out this excellent opportunity to meet with different college representatives.

For information about the Transfer Fair for the Downtown Campus contact Career Specialist Michael Jean-Felix at 727-341-4672 or

For information about the Transfer Fair for the Clearwater Campus contact Career Support Coordinator Saied Navab at 727-791-5953 or

For more information about the Transfer Fair for the Seminole Campus contact Career Specialist Lynne Wolf at 727-394-6034 or

Get Your Career Services Halftime Report at Downtown/Midtown

Do you want to be the MVP of your career choice?  It is imperative that you formulate a proper game plan for your education.  Creating your My Learning Plan (an online tool that helps guide you through the requirements for your degree) will provide you with the visual needed to inspire you towards completing your course load and graduating.  Both the Downtown and Midtown campuses will be hosting our Halftime Report events, where you can properly learn how to work with Career Services.

halftime report

Similar to trying out for a position in football, the Focus 2 assessment is utilized to give you a profile for your work personality and preferences.  This can be crucial to you making a career decision that you love.  Perform an audible with your cover letter to help accentuate your current resume.  We are here to coach you through your job search tactics to create a new winning formula.

Do you know how to navigate MyCourses to utilize Optimal Resume and Burning Glass? Optimal Resume is a resume creating tool that also guides you in creating cover letters, portfolios, and helps you with mock interviews.  Completing your resume through Optimal Resume allows you to utilize Burning Glass to its potential, by uploading your resume into the database and searching for jobs there.

For our students who will be transferring, can you pinpoint the institution where you would like to go, and do you know how to research the admissions requirements?  Our Transfer Fairs will be the perfect opportunity for you to decide how you will finish your educational journey.

  • February 21, Downtown Campus
  • February 22, Clearwater Campus
  • February 23, Seminole Campus

To answer any questions that you may have, come to our Halftime Report events, we have the playbook and pizza and wings.  Downtown will be hosting on Tuesday, January 31, 12 noon to 2:00 p.m. in the Student Lounge.  Midtown will be hosting on Thursday, February 2, 12 noon to 2:00 p.m. in MTJC 141.