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Security officers – more than ‘rent-a-cops’

Photo collage of security guards

Security officers serve and protect the companies they work for. They protect people against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism and other  threats that could affect the organization that hired them, working 24/7 to ensure safety by vigorously patrolling or using security systems to keep a location safe.

As a security officer, you must know the company’s regulations and enforce them. Although this is can be a dangerous job, you can receive extensive training to ensure that you and your post are kept safe.

Rocco DeFelice is the executive vice president of Securitas Security Services USA. He says, “Someone aspiring to a career as a security officer should demonstrate a commitment to values such as integrity, vigilance and helpfulness; a willingness for professional development; a focus on customer service; a desire to work as a team and an ability to utilize technology.” Securitas Security Services USA is a firm that provides specialized, remote and mobile guarding, as well as corporate risk management for a variety of businesses and industries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, security officers or guards earned a median average salary of $24,070 in 2013. The best paid earned about $43,150, while the lowest paid made approximately $17,510. These salaries can vary based on your level of education and training.

Like many organizations and careers, those seeking higher positions should have a degree or certificate. A good degree to obtain would be one in criminal justice. If this is a career path that you are interested in, Saint Petersburg College offers degrees in Criminal Justice as well as Public Safety. Being on the path to being a security officer is a path to becoming a protector of the community.

If you are interested in learning more about careers in the criminal justice/public safety field, come talk to your Career Specialist today!