UFC Award Winners Named

UFC Award winners, joined by UFC President, hold giant $500 check

Universal Financial Consultants (UFC) welcomed St. Petersburg College Business students on Monday, May 3 to present them with a $500 check and declare them the winners of the inaugural UFC Analysis Accuracy Award.

The award is a new aspect of the partnership between SPC and UFC. UFC Data Analyst Jeff Mowry, an SPC graduate, has been key to maintaining a connection with his professors and giving other talented Business graduates their first jobs in the field.

The annual Capstone Business Strategy Simulation competition puts students on a nine-week run to the finish of their degrees. Teams are given a shoe company to run, with problems thrown up along the way that they must navigate with good decision-making based on what they have learned. The teams earn a Bull’s Eye award if they accurately forecast their companies return on equity, earnings per share and image rating. GOATS earned five Bulls Eye awards out of nine possible, which St. Petersburg College Professor Dr. Robin Wilber said is quite an achievement.

“This competition is all about making decisions,” she said. “Some groups don’t get any bullseyes, and five is a really impressive number.”

This year’s winners, Nicole Fisher, Blake Detelich and Christian Koch, called their company Greatest of All The Shoes, or GOATS. The trio shone in the competition despite having never been in the same room together until Monday’s award presentation.

“Since we couldn’t be together, we needed a lot of communication skills, really good teamwork and multiple hours dedicated to the project each week,” Koch said.

According to Fisher, the team found that they would actually be amazing business partners in real life.

“Through all the work we did together, the relationship transcended from just partners to a real friendship,” she said. “It was a great experience. It was lot of fun and will look great on our resumes.”

At the award presentation, the team also met UFC President Vince Munno and other SPC alumni who are employees there. Jen Joyner earned her degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from SPC four years ago. She is one of four of the college’s graduates currently working at UFC who were hired by Mowry.

“Jeff keeps us involved,” Joyner said. “I’ve watched Capstones and gone to career fairs. We’re SPC nerds – we still consider ourselves part of the SPC family.”

Though $500 isn’t easy to divide three ways, Detelich, like a good business student, had it figured.

“It should come out to $166.666666…” he said.

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