Prepare for top paying business jobs at SPC

SPC prepares you for top paying business jobs. Picture of serious business people on left and two men shaking hands on the right

Each year, U.S. News & World Report ranks the 100 Best Jobs. From that list, they pick out the top 20 highest paying occupations.

SPC Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree prepares you for these top paying business jobs:

  • #3 – Marketing Manger – 12.7 % job growth, average salary $133,700
  • #9 – Business Operations Manager – 12.4% job growth, average salary $116,090

Degrees for top paying business jobs

At St. Petersburg College you can learn what it takes to turn a business into a success in our general business and business administration program. Our business certificates give you specific skills to prepare you for top paying business jobs. SPC Business Certificates are part of our Associate in Science degrees, which can help you earn more money. Our A.S. business degrees transfer to our bachelor’s degrees.

Learn more about earning a degree or certification at SPC College of Business.

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