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Levin Financial Director Chelsea Spenceley speaks to students at Seminole Campus

Honestly, when students see an event has free food, they’re going to sign up – and a lot of times the event tends to deliver good, useful information. As a social ambassador, I get to go to many events. The topics can range greatly, but each event teaches me something new. The most recent taught me more about Handshake, SPC’s job network through a Lunch and Learn event with Levin Financial Group on Feb. 20.

Levin Director of Recruiting Chelsea Spenceley spoke to students, alongside Jacob Wortock, SPC Seminole Campus’s Employment and Internship Coordinator. They talked about LinkedIn and Handshake, and how resumes and interview mannerisms could land students a career. The students were encouraged to ask questions before being encouraged to sign up for Handshake with help from Career Services


For the first half hour, Wortock spoke about LinkedIn and Handshake, the two job search sites promoted to students. LinkedIn provides employers an opportunity to reach out to students in a professional capacity while maintaining a social aspect. Handshake, on the other hand, is geared more to recent graduates and current students. There is a larger focus on internships and employment out of college. 

SPC Student signs into Lunch and Learn event at Seminole Campus with Levin Financial Group

Once these were discussed, Spenceley spoke about resume building and good interview practices. She showed examples of funny or “bad” resumes – one featuring a My Little Pony theme – before discussing what makes a good resume. It was stressed to the students that one should tailor their resume to the job being sought. For that reason, she advised students not to post their resumes on LinkedIn, but to use their profiles to garner interest and then attach their tailor-made resume with an application. This makes it easier for the student to tailor their resume to match the employer they’re looking at. Secondly, the student doesn’t just have one generic resume for all employers, making it easier to catch the attention of the organization.  

Finally, Spenceley had some advice for students during interviews.

“Be humble but confident,” she said. “Know your worth, but don’t brag all over the place.”

She also told students not just to walk by during internship fairs.

“Come up and see us. The more we get to know you, the more we’ll recognize your face when you come to us.”


If you missed this Lunch and Learn with Levin Financial Group, don’t worry! Similar events run throughout the semester. You can find out more at our event calendar. If you want to know more about Handshake, check out information here, or contact Career Services here

You can contact Spenceley at her LinkedIn and learn more about Levin Financial here

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