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BIZBlog-HUBAccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for supply chain talent has been rising and jobs in logistics are estimated to grow by 26 percent between 2010 and 2020. Supply Chain Certifications are a valuable investment as they are increasingly becoming the prerequisite in the industry.

SPC’s LINCS Supply Chain Management (SCM) Program will introduce you to the fundamental aspects of the SCM industry and prepare you for a multitude of SCM positions across various functions.  The program includes eight certification classes that last about six weeks each and LINCS Scalecombine online and/or face-to-face learning. Each certification class concludes with an industry certification exam offered and certified by the Council  of Supply Chain Professionals (CSCMP).  Students achieving a passing score will earn a national CSCMP industry certification in the respective discipline.

Our upcoming certification classes include:

  • Supply Management and Procurement (starts Sept. 12 – 2 Saturday sessions)
  • Supply Chain Management Principles (starts Sept. 14) – offered at no cost to students
  • Customer Service Operations (starts Sept. 22)
  • Warehousing Operations (starts Sept. 23)
  • Transportation Operations (starts Oct. 15)

Our classes are extremely affordable (Supply Chain Management Principles is offered at no cost to students!) and are taught by current and former industry practitioners.  You have the flexibility to select one track or all tracks, depending on your individual educational and career goals.

If you would like to jump start your career and add the recognition of professional achievement, contact us today to learn more about our certification tracks and the growing and exciting sector of Supply Chain Management!

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