Business Expo 2018 Reveals Need for Insurance Professionals

Greg Nenstiel Speaking to an Audience at the 2018 Fall Expo

At the Fall Business Expo 2018, the Hospitality and Tourism, Risk Management and Insurance communities came together with SPC’s College of Businesss to offer employment preparation and career development for SPC students and alumni.

Workshops, advising, networking, club information, and internship  and employment opportunities were available to all attending. For roughly three hours, SPC students and alumni were able to take in the valuable advice of professional guest speakers and recruiters. Other highlights were catering and a raffle giveaway. A few lucky students left with not only experience and a network, but gift-cards and an iPad, too.

Demand High for Insurance Industry Professionals

insurance professionals

Dave Newell of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) shared what the Insurance and Risk Management industry was looking for. For those who may have never considered it, there is a great demand for individuals of all careers; home inspectors, commercial inspectors, claims, workers compensation, and injury specialists are needed, as are managers, HR professionals, IT professionals, marketing professionals, and social media specialists. Additionally, there is need for onsite talent.

“If you like data, if you like technology, if you like working with numbers, there’s a place for you in the industry,” Newell said. There are a lot of mid-level managers retiring from our business, so we’re losing a lot of education and institutional knowledge. So, we need people who want to learn, that want to grow, that want to be community minded and strive to help people.”

Insurance is, at its core, a responsive industry. For worldly disasters like hurricanes and fires, those employed in the field can help those in need: those looking for guidance, while also adapting to societal changes. New and complicated issues, like those surrounding autonomous vehicle protection, drone liability, active shooter coverage and medical marijuana, require discussion that those working in the insurance industry must respond to.

As Newell explains, “People see a need, and create the product for that need. Our industry is always looking for what will be the next thing people need, and I’m really proud of that.”

Learn more about opportunities in the field

Insurance professionals

Interested students can check out, an official site that offers extensive information on the industry, opportunities, and even offers quizzes to see if you’re a good fit for the business.

With over 60,000 jobs in Insurance and Risk Management, Newell and recruiters who attended SPC’s Business Expo were hopeful. The state of the industry is ever-changing, and is always ready to welcome students and graduates.

 “Anything we can do to help you as students, we’re more than happy to do it, Newell said.”

Interested in a career?

The College of Business is also home to Business Administration, Management and Organizational Leadership, and Sustainability ManagementSt. Petersburg College also offers degrees in Hospitality & Tourism.

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