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The College of Business at St. Petersburg College is pleased to announce that it has been selected to be one of two organizations in the greater Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida area to administer scholarships on behalf of Visa for its Visa Dispute Resolution Certification program. Our region was chosen because of the high concentration of employers who hire entry-level dispute resolution analysts.

The dispute resolution professional role is very important in the payments industry. Dispute resolution professionals manage payment card disputes and generally work for payment processors or financial institutions, such as a bank that issues credit cards.

Visa is launching this new certification to help elevate the role within the industry, provide professional credibility for those who earn the credential and help people expand their career prospects. In conjunction with this new certification, Visa is offering scholarships to candidates who want to gain new skills that can help them find new career opportunities.

Visa selected the greater Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida, area for its Dispute Resolution Certification classes due to a high consolidation of financial institutions in the community and is partnering with St. Petersburg College to assure a highly personalized experience for students and local control over scholarship awards.

The next scholarship class will take place January 22-29, from 4:30-8 p.m. Eastern. The class is a virtual instructor-led course with Visa dispute resolution training instructors. Additional classes will take place in 2021.

More information:

For additional information on Visa’s program, please go to https://usa.visa.com/about-visa/visa-certification-and-scholarship/dispute-resolution.html.

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