New Flex format for technology classes

The College of Computer and Information Technology (CCIT) offers a variety of teaching methods and course modalities it its programs. This fall, SPC will introduce a new Flex format for some technology classes.

Online technology classes

A major portion of the classes are offered in the online format that allows students the convenience of not being constrained by commuting or traveling or the times classes are being offered especially for the working student. Online classes in CCIT focus on teaching hard and specific skills that will get students a job and are designed to prepare the student not only in general critical thinking and analysis skills, but practicing for tasks they will need to have in the workforce.

Adrian Tillman
Adrian Tillman

“When I first took an online class some 8 years ago, I was distraught at the level of disengagement by my professors,” said Adrian Tillman, a programming professor at SPC. “The thought at the time was that posting reading and homework assignments somehow constituted an effective learning experience. I believe that advances in technology now provide an opportunity for teachers to engage their students in new and creative ways. We need only embrace them.”


Chaz-Rae Moncrieffe
Chaz-Rae Moncrieffe

“I’m currently taking Professor Tillman’s COP 2801 JavaScript class online and he’s been a good teacher, but I was completely impressed by his feedback for my final assignment,” said Chaz-Rae L. Moncrieff. “He took the time to create a video for me! He went through my code and showed me just what I could improve and change. I never expected that sort of feedback from an online class. It helped me immensely. I’m very happy and impressed with this teacher and the effort he puts in to help his students.”

New Flex format starts this fall

Blended and online teaching modalities are not for all students and CCIT will be offering this Fall 2016 a Flex course format. This course is designed for students who would like the flexibility to attend classroom sessions or complete all work online. Students have the option to attend regularly scheduled face-to-face class meetings but physical attendance each week in the classroom is not required. All required instructional materials are online; students should have strong computer skills and hardware just as they would with an online class. CCIT will be piloting this new format in the following courses:

  • Programming C++ for Business (CGS 2402)
  • Introduction to Computer Programming (COP 1000)
  • Local Area Network (CNT 1000)
  • Install & Configure Windows (CTS 1328)

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One thought on “New Flex format for technology classes

  1. Mixed online and offline teaching, especially in IT subjects, offers something more than the traditional one. In addition, it also helps those who have a job and who want to take a degree or diploma by not physically following the lessons. I think it’s the future of education for the public too.

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