Family Science Night Oct. 20 at the Tarpon Springs Campus

Family Science Night

The basis of science is ideas, experiment and reflection, and these things easily carry over into many areas of study, as well as day to day life, as science fosters critical thinking skills. Encouraging an interest in science exercises these thinking skills, opens young eyes to the natural world around them and opens doors to other disciplines, such as mathematics and writing. That is why St. Petersburg College faculty and staff is excited to host a Family Science Night at the Tarpon Springs Campus on Oct. 20. This free event will give science enthusiasts of all ages a chance to do some hands-on demonstrations and experiments. Our goal is share our own science excitement with as many people as possible.


  • When – Friday, Oct. 20 from 6 – 8 p.m.
  • Where – Tarpon Springs Campus, 600 Klostermann Road, Tarpon Springs, FL
  • Location – All activities will be in the FA building (Library and Art Museum)
  • FREE
  • Open to the public

Science Night Activities

Here are just a few of the activities that will be featured:

Science Demonstration Show – Professor Michael Davis has performed entertaining science shows for more than 100,000 people over the past 20 years.  Come see him conduct experiments that glow in the dark, smoke, change color, and bubble!

Squishy Circuits – Learn how to use batteries and Play-Doh to make LED circuits.

Stargazing – Our Astronomy Professor will have telescopes out to view planets and stars.

Critter Corral – One of our Biology Professors will have tarantulas, lizards, and snakes on display.

Science Programs at SPC

SPC offers associate degrees in Biotechnology Laboratory Technology and Environmental Science and a bachelor’s degree in Biology along with numerous transfer plans. The Natural Sciences department at St. Petersburg College can give you the foundation for further science studies or open your eyes to the laws that govern the natural world.

Have fun at Family Science Night, and learn more about both science and our programs!

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