Clean Water Brings Muddy Water Blues to Seminole Campus

Utility workers at Muddy Water Blues conference

Clean water brought local and state environmental officials and experts from the private sector to St. Petersburg College Seminole Campus in early February.

Muddy Water Blues Technology Transfer Workshop

Attendees came to learn about the latest technology at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Muddy Water Blues Technology Transfer Workshop. 

The conference’s goal is to share information on performance-based technology and help keep Florida’s water clean. It also provides an opportunity for vendors to collaborate and see what others in the industry are doing.

The group learned about best management practices in erosion and sediment control from guest speakers and demonstrations on-site.

Muddy water SPC table
Professor Scanlon talks about the Environmental Science program at the Florida Muddy Water Blues Workshop at the SPC Seminole Campus.

Department of Environmental Protection representative Hal Lunsford said that this workshop is the largest ever, with more than twice the attendees of last year’s program. He credited that success to the work of Theresa Mannix, Executive Director of the Suncoast Utility Contractors Association, and Professor Maura Scanlon from St. Petersburg CollegeScanlon was on hand to welcome students and provide information about SPC’s Environmental Science program.

Students at the day-long event had the opportunity to:

  • network with those already working in the field
  • learn about the latest technology in erosion
  • sediment control best management practices

The event provided students a look at the challenges experienced by experts in the field and what steps they take to meet those challenges.

Environmental Science program at SPC

The Environmental Science program at SPC provides opportunities to do good and get hired in an in-demand industry.

As the world grows more complex, so does the need to take care of it. A degree in this fast-growing field prepares students for a variety of roles in state or local government, or the private sector. Students learn how people impact the environment and society tries to keep it in check through regulation and compliance.

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