Bird Banding and Survey Work

Student volunteers are helping to catalog the bird species at SPC’s Bay Pines STEM Center.

Under the permitted work of ornithologist Jim McGinity and funded through an SPC Titan grant, the efforts have logged 22 species of birds in the Cornell/Audubon curated “ebird” program.

Fellow birders can follow along on the e-bird app or website and receive updated lists of bird species that are identified here at the STEM Center. Students are also learning how to use the Merlin Bird ID App to properly identify species through feather color, body characteristics, habitat and observed behavior. These birds are also adding to the curated list for the STEM Center.

Student work on this project involves every level of observation, from binoculars to permitted deployment of mist nests and eventual bird banding. Students will then complete the survey at the STEM Center and move onto another habitat in Dunedin, Fla.

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