An Unorthodox Way: Improve your Fitness Performance while Reducing Stress

As expected, you should be preparing beforehand for your Physical Abilities Test. There’s no doubt you’ll do great. However, after running, doing sit-ups and push-ups as a maniac all day can take its toll on your muscles.  The next day soreness and after burn feeling, can cause restricted movement. Thus, making you feel tired and you will decide to stay in bed. Although, you will need rest to recover. Nevertheless, knowing the test due date coming up can build up your anxiety. This can affect your performance because of stress. However, don’t press the panic button yet. Now, this unconventional method will help you with your fitness performance while reducing stress at the same time.

First, the Physical Fitness Test will mimic the demand of a foot pursuit. Apprehending a subject will need strength and power. The truth is you could be presented with a situation of chasing after a perp on the run. This is the part where being fast, agile strong will come in handy. Now, to prepare before the test you may think that you must run every single day, workout a lot to achievepolice-chase the goal. However, an article from, suggest that taking ballet classes can help improve your endurance and fitness profile. Now, hold on a second. This is the part where you imagined a police officer chasing after a perp while wearing a pink tutu skirt. It simply does not add up, right? All joking aside, ballet training includes:

  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Power, speed, agility, balance and coordination
  • Muscular endurance
  • Upper and lower body strength

Improving your motor fitness with ballet training can enhance your performance on the soccer field, running track, hockey rink, football and any sport that involves running agilities.

South Korean soldiers take part in a ballet class at a military base near the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas in Paju, South Korea, July 13, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji
South Korean soldiers take part in a ballet class at a military base near the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas in Paju, South Korea, July 13, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

In addition, taking ballet can help reduce stress. Still skeptic? Did you know that, soldiers from South Korea, practice ballet as a way to relieve tension. After patrolling the Demilitarized Zone, a border that divides the Korean Peninsula.  After stretching, plies and battement tendu, as a result they feel relieved and stress free. Similar to the sensation after a yoga class.

The art of ballet is beautiful and majestic. However, it involves a lot of concentration, inner strength and proper technique to perform. You might ask- “how does ballet help with push-ups and sit-ups?’’ Answer: While using the bar as support, ballet targets your core, arms, chest and leg muscles using your own bodyweight. Hence, all the muscles engage, for better flexibility and endurance. One of the advantages of ballet is that there’s no need of equipment. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have slippers. You can practice barefooted or with socks at your home. Again, if you are looking to get better coordinated, flexible, agile and even fix your posture, ballet can serve its purpose.

Finally, if you are searching to enhance your performance, while also relieve stress. Then, grab your slippers, because ballet dancing has the whole package in one.  Remember it will improve your running abilities. Up your strength. Increase push-ups and sit-ups repetition. Thus, passing your Physical Abilities Test, like a Bourrée through the park.


By: Christian Aguillon
Christian is the Wellness Attendant for the SPC Allstate gym. Visit him Monday-Thursday from 3:30-6 pm for more tips on how to prepare for your upcoming physical abilities fitness test!

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