Crime scene technician gets practical experience at SPC

Crime Scene technician, Shannon Winkler, is a graduate of St. Petersburg College of Public Safety Administration. Winkler acknowledges the hands-on experience she attained at SPC which prepared her to become a Crime Scene technician for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. Watch Shannon Winkler’s success story.

As a certified Crime Scene Technician, Winkler goes out to crime scenes and collects evidence to take back to the lab and analyze and document what was collected.

Winkler has a few degrees from SPC. After high school she attended SPC and then returned to get her Associate of Science and Crime Scene Technology certificate.

SPC Crime scene program is one of a kind

“There aren’t any programs like it in the state of Florida that are very hands on and come from an accredited college” such as SPC, states Winkler. Faculty in the Crime Scene Technology program are professionals that work in the field and teach at night, so their field experience of how things are currently done in that profession are shared in the classroom with SPC students.

“They don’t just say, ‘this is how you dust for a fingerprint.’ They say ‘now you try’” explained Winkler.

Winkler also expresses that “I don’t think you can learn as much as I learned in such a short time anywhere else.”

The College of Public Safety Administration offers a Certificate in Crime Scene Technology and an Associate of Science degree in Crime Scene Technology, which can be transferred to the Bachelor’s degree in Public Safety Administration.

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