New Simulation Rig Provides Students Real Experience

simulation rig

St. Petersburg College’s Allstate Center recently installed a Simulated Ambulance Rig to provide hands-on experience to SPC EMT and Paramedic students. The new simulation rig is funded by the 2019-2020 Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V).

Built to the exact specifications of the real thing, the simulation rig ambulance allows students to learn through real-life scenarios within a controlled environment. With this experience, students can transfer into the workforce with improved efficiency and accuracy in their work.

simulation rig

According to Cedrick Harrington, SPC’s EMS PSAV Coordinator, the SimRig is part of a larger transition at the Allstate Center to create a hands-on experience for EMS students that simulates the entire call process, which includes a simulated apartment in addition to the rig.

“Beginning in the apartment, the students will transition the patient (another simulator) onto a stretcher, load the patient into the ambulance, and treat them according to the scenario created by the instructor,” Harrington said. “A hospital environment is also in the works for the final stage of the call experience.”

The whole class can join in and learn from each other with the additional observation booth, which tracks the progress of the simulation happening inside the ambulance. This also allows the instructor to step away from the students and evaluate as they go through the entire call process.

SPC instructors are excited to be able to give the students real-life experience while engaging their critical thinking abilities and, so far, students love it! Learn more about SPC’s EMT programs online.

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