Fall Ethics Forum -student reaction by Danielle Zeiro

Dr. Tan’s Story
I attended Dr. Tan’s forum on October 19, 2016. I listened to him tell his story, and I left Clearwater with a new perspective on life. Dr. Tan grew up in poverty in China where he didn’t even have shoes to wear to school. His mother was alcoholic and abusive, and he was always hungry. He failed and repeated grade levels, and at one point he dropped out of school and was homeless because his mother kicked him out. He felt lost, but he returned to school and eventually graduated from high school, then medical school, then law school, and then Harvard. His story gave me genuine courage and I have a newfound appreciation for the things I have and wish to someday have. Dr. Tan’s speech reinforced my belief that dedication, ambition and effort can bring success despite your situation. A wonderful forum, indeed.

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