SPC student finds “a perfect opportunity to walk through history” in Spain

Learning about St. Theresa and the kings of Ávila, and seeing an enchanting walled city illuminated during study abroad in Spain.

– Derell Parrott, SPC Student, Spain Program, June 2019 

After being in Salamanca for over a week and a half it started to feel like my second home. I enjoyed my host mother Naty and new brothers and classmates, Lorenzo and Luis. Yesterday, after we walked to school, we took a group excursion to Avila, Spain.

Ávila was beautiful and enchanting, the city is known for it’s medieval walls and towers. It has multiple beautiful cathedrals and palaces that have been around for over 900 years. Because Ávila was cold and slightly windy, we were not able to walk the wall, but we did take a tour of the city.

The Walls of Ávila. Photo by Mon Lerma, Wikimedia Commons [CC BY-SA 3.0 es].

During the tour we learned about St.Theresa and saw her home. We walked along the scenic route and passed different stores. We heard the bells ring while learning about kings that had ruled in this city.

Within the city walls are numerous cafes and restaurants. People who live there seemed to just go about their day while the tourists try to capture the perfect picture. I was pretty excited to see Ávila because parts of my favorite show, Game of Thrones, were filmed there.

After our tour we headed back to the bus and drove across town to a spot for taking pictures of the city from afar. We took turns taking our photos and took a group photo.

Our Professor had arranged for dinner at a local restaurant across the street. We sat down like a big family to a dinner of assorted tapas, which are small appetizers very common in Spain. It was very delicious and satisfying. For me it was a time to relax because the day before we had just completed midterms.

After dinner, the sun went down and we could see the city of Ávila illuminated. It was more just than just beautiful; it was phenomenal. I am grateful for the experience and I encourage any student to go on a study abroad program. It is a perfect opportunity to walk through history.

– Derell Parrott, SPC Student, Spain Program, June 2019 

Thank you for sharing Derell!

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Cover image: Ávila. Photo by Anual, Wikimedia Commons [CC BY 3.0].

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