SPC, Duke Energy team up for CAD workshop

CAD workshop

St. Petersburg College’s hands-on Computer Aided Design (CAD) workshop on Saturday, Nov. 16 was a huge success. Participants not only learned about CAD software and CAD classes offered at SPC, but they were also able to hear from SPC alumni who work in the industry.

CAD workshop

Mabruka Whitmore shared how her Associate Degree in Engineering from SPC helped her move up at Duke Energy. Whitmore started in Customer Service, and now works in the Energy Efficiency department. She explained how the company uses CAD software to design placement of power lines and transformers, and also gave an overview of career opportunities at Duke.

“I love incorporating what I learned here on the job,” she said to the group at Saturday’s workshop.

Sponsored by the Duke Energy Foundation, the workshop gave prospective students the opportunity to try out the CAD software and learn about practical applications for 3D printing.

One student commented, “[The CAD workshop] allowed me to realize the real-life application of the software and all the possible directions it could lead.”

CAD workshop

SPC offers numerous certificates and degrees in Engineering, Manufacturing and Building Arts.

Certificates include:

  • Computer-Aided Design and Drafting
  • Engineering Technology Support
  • Rapid Prototyping and Design

A.S. and A.A. degrees in Engineering Technology, Architecture and Engineering are also available at SPC.

“The certifications I received at SPC helped me move into a six figure position,” said Tom Donnelly, another SPC alum who spoke at the workshop. “Take advantage of these certifications, because they really do help.”

As part of the Engineering and Energy grant from the Duke Energy Foundation, additional workshops will be offered in the spring to introduce students to opportunities in the energy industry.

For more information, contact Lara Sharp at Sharp.Lara@spcollege.edu, or visit our website.

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