Student finds passion for biomedical engineering at SPC

Tracy Steinberg always enjoyed school and learning, a love that she paired with an entrepreneurial mindset. Before enrolling at St. Petersburg College, she even started a small business of her own in 2011 and greatly enjoyed the process of starting and growing it. Through this experience, Tracy quickly learned that she enjoyed the startup phase much more than the maturity phase of running her own business, and that is when she realized that she was ready for something new.

After researching and exploring different academic programs, Tracy discovered the Biomedical Engineering Technology (BMET) program at SPC. She found that it appealed to her entrepreneurial spirit and would help her explore her mechanical aptitude. The program also supplied her with the opportunity to pursue her love of science.

As graduation drew closer, Tracy submitted her résumé to several companies and organizations. She was pleasantly surprised by the elevated level of responses and received several encouraging comments on the comprehensiveness of the courses she completed for her degree at SPC. After graduation, Tracy was offered, and accepted, a position as a Field Service Engineer at Spacelabs Healthcare, a well-known medical equipment manufacturer.

“Thanks to SPC, I’m prepared to enter the field of Biomedical Engineering Technology, and I’m excited about the future and my new adventure.”

Tracy was highlighted for this student profile as part of Career & Technical Education (CTE) Month at St. Petersburg College. To learn more about the different CTE degrees and certificates that SPC offers, please visit If you would like to read additional student profiles for CTE Month, be sure to check out the other SPC blogs at as well as the SPC Facebook page and Twitter account.

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